You are the Creator of your Reality.  You create ALL of your World from your thoughts, words, feelings, & actions.  Everything is frequency.  If you do not like your Reality - Change It!  Mother Earth is a living Being and She is going up in Her frequency.  Choose to go along for the wonderful ride!...enjoy & keep smiling.  

I Am a Good Planet. I deserve everything good and wonderful. I deserve harmonious people living on me that love and adore each other. I deserve pristine waters and land that is treated well. I deserve to give my best and have people giving their best. I deserve to support and be supported back. Many say they are helping me only are they. Ask in your heart of hearts what help I would like and I will tell you. When you send love to me I send it back tenfold. I know you know me because you are a minuature reflection of me. In loving yourself and treating yourself well you help me. In making yourself happy I shine. I hear your prayers and good wishes and they encourage me to keep on giving and being more. thank you for all your love and all you do. You are forever in my heart. love from my heart to your heart 
                                                                                             ...Mother Earth


Your Wellness is totally up to you to create.  You create all of your Reality out of your Thoughts - Words - Actions.  Choose well.
Smile & Have FUN!

Quantum Energy

You are a Being of Light & Unconditional Love.  Your personal enegy field exresses where you are in your Wellness and Your Body - Mind - Spirit state of Being.  Reiki is that Unconditional Unified Field of Love flowing through your - and your hands...Share & Enjoy!


This World we live within is known as "Schoolhouse Earth".  We came here to learn and grow.  This current Timing is unique - never been done before!  We are moving upward in frequency.  The challenge is to go along for the ride - Gracefully.  Discover your challenges and potentials:  Come explore with us.  Discover why you have invited a "Transformative Illness" into your Life.


We learn through sharings, classes, workshops, events, and one-on-one discussions.  Our Center also is the home for a large Body - Mind - Spirit Reference Library.  Ancient knowledge on herbs, crystals, frequency / sound, and other healing methods can be explored.  This knowledge is shared through our Blogs and Newsletters.

Passion of our work

We are all ONE.  Look into the eyes of those you meet.  See Source / All-That-Is shining out and interacting with you. It is there in everyone - even if it is "buried under a large lump of coal" and you have to look very hard to see it.  We teach, share, and hold up a mirror to show you the way into your greater potential.  Come - Join with us... and remember to keep Smiling.
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