995: A Special Code of Sacred Geometry That Will Enable You To Raise the Life Force In Everything You Consume


This information is brought to us through the on-going work with Sound Wave Energy by Nicole La Voie


We all strive to raise our energy and vibration to maintain optimum health. If raising our vibration enables us to detoxify and become healthy vibrant beings, then what happens when we consume water or food that is vibrating at a lower rate?

If your body has risen to 1 million Bovis units *, what impact does consuming food or water at 2000 bovis units have upon you? Simply put, it weighs you down and lowers your vibration. As you change your body and become more sensitive to Light, the Vibrations of the things you eat, drink and surround yourself with have more impact on all levels.

Twelve years ago I learned that the number 995 is a numeric coding in Sacred Geometry. By using 995 to bless your water, food, plants, surroundings, self, and loved ones, negativity will be removed and the life-force energy increased. I have been amazed at the differences I have seen in the health of my dogs. The energies in the water from my well, and the food I eat have all been dramatically improved by using this very simple procedure.

Move your hand or finger in a clockwise circle around or over your food and water or anything you want to improve the energies of. Complete the circle three times. While you complete the motion of the first circle, say aloud 'nine'. While you complete the motion of the second circle say aloud 'nine'. While you complete the motion of the third circle say aloud 'five'. It is important to complete the circles in clockwise directions.

The meaning of this ancient coding is as follows:

* The meaning of the first 9 is "dissolving".

* The meaning of the second 9 is "duality".

* The meaning of the 5 is "power of one".

* The clockwise motion resets the energy.

I have had amazing results using the 995. I use it on everything including the water I drink whatever the source may be, my food, plants, house, clothes, myself, events and outside situations. TRY IT.


* Antoine Bovis was the French physicist who determined that water has an energy life force called Biophotons. The higher the Bovis count, the healthier the water. Fifty thousand years ago the water on earth was pristine and healing to all who consumed it. The Bovis units of the water at that time may have been as high as 21.5 Billion Bovis units.

The Bovis scale goes from zero to infinity. Water that is rated at 6,500 Bovis units is considered neutral. Water below 6,500 Bovis units exhibits atoms and molecules that spin to the right in a clockwise motion. This means the water has a negative charge and can be life depleting. Toxins and cancer cells all have a negative charge and spin clockwise.

Water above 6,500 Bovis units contains atoms and molecules that spin to the left in a counter-clockwise motion. This is a positive spin and is life generating. This positive energy is necessary to the maintenance of life on earth. Your DNA moves in a counter-clockwise spiral motion. Above 10,000 Bovis units, toxins begin reversing spin, allowing them to be more easily eliminated from your body.


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