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Salida Compassion Club: Meets on Thurs. evenings at 7pm to explore how to be prosperous and happy. Contact Stacey Joslin for directions to the meetings at Carol's condo in Salida: Check out their Facebook page here. Join them on August 3rd for their next Thoughtstorm conversation.

The Salida Compassion Club was founded by Stacey Joslin for the intention of bringing more peace and awareness to the people of the Arkansas Valley and surrounding areas. During the meetings we explore various important topics through Thoughtstorm conversations, which inspire connection with others, insights, creativity and problem solving. By connecting with others, we are better able to understand ourselves and explore what it is that we have to contribute to the world. The basis of this group is practicing admirable qualities such as respect, kindness, listening, sharing and the willingness to grow personally and as a group.


* Stress-Buster Deluxe *

You Have Never Experienced Anything Like... REIKI

...a natural, self-applied method for maintaining emotional balance, health and freedom from stress.

REIKI is an ancient science tapping into the Universal Life Energy to promote self-healing and balance in your body- mind - spirit.... the total YOU. REIKI can be taught to anyone in a one-day intensive. You then have "hot-little-hands" to bring the blessing of wellness to yourself, your family, your pets, and your plants. Visit our Reiki page here.

REIKI Level I Class: TBA

Private Reiki - DeStressing Your Life - sessions may be scheduled by calling Elayna at 719-539-4561 or email to Free Reiki Intro Workshop can be scheduled also if your are interested in exploring Reiki in more depth.

"If you don't have time for your health today,  you won't have health for your time tomorrow."



Hands of Light

REIKI SHARING Afternoon - Last Sunday of each Month

Sunday, 2PM for 33 Minutes of Quiet & Meditation

Come join us as we dedicate 33 minutes to sending Reiki Universal Life Energy to everyone and "All-Our-Relations". Dedicate 33 minutes on the last Sunday of each month beginning at 2PM MST to sit in quiet and meditation. Send Reiki energy absentee to the whole Reiki Family and "All-Our-Relations" - we are now spread out into many different locations - and to the Reiki Healing Basket. Use a crystal, hold it in your hands and set your intent to have it represent all of your Reiki Family, Mother Earth, and everyone and everything in the Reiki Healing Basket. Charge your crystal with the Reiki Symbols if you are Reiki Level 2 or above. We use "the sandwich": Power symbol, Absentee symbol, Mental-Emotional-Addictive symbol - Power symbol. Then add: " You are free to accept or reject this Reiki Energy. It is sent in Unconditional Love". If you are at Level 1, then please hold your crystal and set your intent to send the Reiki Energy in Love. Reiki will go where it is needed; you are not in charge - it is Universal Life Energy - it knows where it is needed and will go and balance / harmonize the situation calling for attention. Feel our whole Reiki Family joining you for these precious 33 minutes of meditation and Reiki Energy.

* We Are All ONE! You Are Loved Unconditionally by Spirit / Creator. *



Reiki Healing Basket: Please send names of people you wish Reiki Healing Energy sent to and / or situations that could use Reiki Healing Energy. These are placed into the Basket and will remain there for one year. Remember, we are not to judge where or how the Reiki Energy is used. It is always for the highest and best good of the individual and / or situation. We are not in charge; Spirit and their Higher Self is in charge. Send the Reiki Energy, release any idea of how it is to be used. Reiki always goes where it is needed the exceptions! The Basket contains at all times: a globe of Mother Earth, feathers to represent our winded friends, a Teddy Bear for our furry friends, 2 dolls for our HU-mans, and crystals for our mineral kingdom friends. Send to:


         *If you have Events for this Regional Events Newsletter, please send them to The Phoenix Nest, email: Keep checking for changes and updates on our on-line magazine at

Thanks... have a wonderful, light-filled week. ... Elayna



Free Reiki Introduction & Sharing

You Have Never Experienced Anything Like... REIKI

...a natural, self-applied method for maintaining emotional balance and freedom from stress.

Since the most ancient of times Man has been healing and balancing the body-mind-spirit with energy direct from the Creator. It has been called many things: laying-on-of-hands, balancing the Chi, a mothers healing touch. Now explore Reiki - Universal Life Energy in action in a safe environment. Bring your questions. Everyone will receive a mini-treatment of 10 minutes (in a chair), fully clothed in order to experience this wonderful, ancient energy for themselves. You will also receive a booster attunement into Reiki so you can have your own 'hot-little-hands' to take home and experience. Use it with your family and pets.

Open to Everyone - No Obligation - Explore the Greatest

"Stress-Buster" Known on the Planet at this time.

TBA from 11AM - 1PM

* Available Upon Request *

For more information: call The Center @ 719-539-4561 - 719-207-5341 (cell) or email Elayna at

For More Information on Reiki, click here




* Stress-Buster Deluxe *

Reiki Level I Class

TBA from 10AM - 6:30PM

Call to Schedule Your Class


For Information & Registration: Call Elayna, Reiki Master Teacher @ 719-539-4561 or 719-207-5341 (cell)

* Reiki is an ancient science of healing and balancing the whole YOU - Body-Mind-Spirit

* Reiki speeds up your personal growth & development - bringing personal harmony

* Reiki is passed on to the student through a series of attunements that align and balance your personal energy centers to receive this Universal Life Energy

* Reiki is passed on to others - HU-mans, animals, trees, rocks, "All-Our-Relations" by caring enough to reach out and touch - Lay your Reiki hands onto the receipient. You also receive Reiki Healing Energy every time you give it to someone else...A true Sharing of Love and Light.

Reiki Free Workshops are held at a regular basis in order for you to see if this ancient science is for you at this time

Cost: $150 (includes all materials and unlimited future free auditing of Reiki I) - Also includes unlimited support from our Center.

Taken Reiki I from another Master? Consider auditing - Auditing Cost: $50 upon proof of having taken Reiki I from another Master.

Payment Terms Available Upon Request

The Gathering Place...A Center For Wellness

The Phoenix Nest - Wellness & Reiki Center * Salida, CO 81201

719-539-4561 or 719-207-5341 or

For More Information on Reiki, click here

Reiki Level II Class

TBA Held from 10:00AM - 6:30PM

Reiki Level II is a major energetic step-up from your Reiki I and again is a complete system in itself. You will learn the ancient signs and symbols that key in Reiki. Special techniques for empowering goals and objectives will be shared and time allowed for all of us to share in energizing each others goals and empowerment situations. You will learn to work with situations involving Mental-Emotional-Addictive behaviours. Now you will also be able to automatically send absentee Reiki energy to yourself and others not physically present with you. Imagine doing a full-body Reiki treatment that normally has taken 1.5 hours or more in 15 minutes! Harmonize and balance situations out of time-and-space. Charge your crystals to send Reiki energy, bless your food so that the frequency is high and will serve your body well, charge your water, clear your living / working space, and more...

Prerequisite: Reiki Level I (suggested that you have been working with your Reiki I for a minimum of 21 days)

Cost: $350 (includes all materials and unlimited future free auditing of Reiki II whenever it is offerred by one of the Reiki Master Teacher of our Center)

Auditing Cost: $50 (show proof of having taken Reiki II from another Master & audited Reiki I with our Center. After taking Reiki II from our Center, you will also be free to audit any other classes in the future in Reiki I - if you have audited Level I with us & Reiki II) You also receive unlimited support from our Center.

Payment Terms are available upon request

For Registration & Information: Call 719-539-4561 or 719-207-5341 or email


Reiki Level 3A - Master Therapist Level +

for Personal Growth & Development

* Offered by Appointment *

The Gathering Place...A Center For Wellness

Salida, CO

A One-Day Intensive leading into the

Internship for the Master Teachers Level of Reiki.

Learn to work with the Masters Level energy to speed-up your personal rate of growth & development. You will be shown how to facilitate "booster attunements" to allow your family, friends, and clients to work with the Reiki energy for a very limited time (24-48 hours) ... this is a great way to assist clients to speed up their clearing and balancing processes. They can have their own "hot little hands" to experience Reiki for themselves. Learn to charge crystals, healing baskets, prayer circles and much more. This is the first step for those Reiki pracitioners who feel they may wish to become Reiki teachers. This is a great energetic step for all body workers and other therapists - it allows your work to reach a deeper level for your clients.

Requirements for the Class: Reiki Level I & II. Proof of achievement Level by seeing your Certificates. You must have worked with your Level II for a period of 1-year. Also, this class is subject to a personal interview with the Reiki Masters teaching the class. The successful student for Reiki 3A will work with the The Gathering Place Masters in an Internship Program of approx. one-year before going forward into the full responsibilites of the Reiki Master Teacher. Going forward into the full teaching position is NOT a requirement of taking Reiki 3A for yourself!

Call The Center for an Interview: 719-539-4561 or 719-207-5341 (cell #)


Diets Don't Work For Me!

Are you seeking optimal health and balance in your life and relationships?   Ever wonder why the diet that works so well for your friend doesn't work for you?   Because you have one of 25 different body types with unique needs.  Now, discover your body type and regain control of your health and wellness.  Combine that with a complete "dowsing-for health" and personal /emotional release work and begin your Life as you were designed to live it. Call Elayna today for your personal appointment:  The Phoenix Nest Wellness Center   719-539-4561.  You may also email:

Are You Challenged by an 'Out-of-Ease' Body Discomfort?

You are a Body-Mind-Spirit wonderfully intricate person. All of 'You' operates on frequency - different rates of vibration. Each organ, each cell, eack bacteria and virus have a unique vibrational signature. We become ill when these frequencies are out-of-balance. We even eventually manifest what is called 'Transformative Illness Patterns' when we ignore the inner nudges to make changes in our lives. These nudges become the 2x4's when we do not address the underlying issues (think cancer, auto-immune diseases, etc.). You can return to harmony and balance by addressing these frequency issues. To learn more about these therapy modalities (Reiki, MRS mat, and Quantum Frequency Energetics), please call The Phoenix Wellness Center, 719-539-4561 or email:

*** Integrative Wellness Information: call The Phoenix Nest Wellness Center, 719-539-4561 for more information.



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