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Are You Feeling 'Out-Of-Sorts' and Just Not Up To Par?

Is Your Level of Health & Wellness Bottoming Out?

Get Answers to Your Health Questions


"Your Wellness Consultant" is available to assist you in discovering answers and information on questions covering a variety of, personal growth and development, metaphysical ponderings, nutrition and dietery challenges and Fifth Dimensional Living.

Personal Readings Available:

Know Yourself & Your Potentials. By accurately exploring your true Self and your talents and challenges you can guide your Life-Path in a productive manner. Who are You...Really? Your Report includes a personal graph of You plus a written report exploring your basis nature, challenges and potentials. Send in two (2) pages of your handwriting on unlined paper and written with a comfortable pen of your choice about any subject you wish (do not copy from a book - be spontaneous like you were writing a letter to a friend), tell me what hand you write with (right/left), tell me which sex your are (male/female), and your full date and place of birth (month/day/year). Cost = $75 / Graphoanalysis Report.


Health & Nutrition Questions:

Research on Specific Health Related Challenges/Issues. For example, current information on arthritis, chronic fatigue, EMF pollution, AIDs, etc..These are general reports on specific subjects. Cost = $55 / subject.

Personal Wellness Evaluation. Explore your personal state-of-wellness and potential challenges. Include a sample of your handwriting (see above for submission requirements), full date of birth (include where), a recent picture, a sample of saliva submitted on a piece of cotton in a baggie. *This does not take the place of a diagnosis from your physician. Always seek the advice of your personal liscensed health care provider when faced with a health challenge. This evaluation does not diagnose, treat, nor prescribe for your health challenge. This is solely for your own information and education. Cost = $75 / report.

Personal Nutritional Evaluation through Body-Typing. There are 25 distinct Body-Types and each has its own nutritional guidelines, psychological challenges, and personal strengths. This goes beyond the "Eat Right 4 Your Type" and the "Zone Diet" concepts. Send recent pictures in tight fitting clothes or bathing suit to include: full front view, side view, back view, and close-up of face (front). Tell where your first area of weight gain is and where you have your secondary weight gain. Include your full date of birth, your height, your shoe size, and pictures of the top and the palm of your hand (either one). If you have tried everything and are frustrated in regaining your optimum state of weight/wellness, then this may be the answer you have been seeking. Cost = $65 / report.


All reports and readings are confidential. Your educational evaluation/report will be sent to your home by snail-mail so remember to include your complete name,mailing address, and phone number (in case we have a question to clarify an item in your report) when ordering your specific report. Please include your e-mail address so we may send you the semi-regular newsletters from The Center.

Format for Submission:

Name - Mailing Address with City, State, and Zip code - Phone Number - E-mail Address

Type of Report You Are Ordering - include requested material as listed above.

Payment in full for the report. May be personal check, money order, Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Discover card (include card number with expiration date and the name on the card).

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