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Beloved masters, for many of you, it is the beginning of a new year on Earth; however, when you look at the larger picture-from our vantage point-it is the beginning of a new era, and a new Golden Age. Many of you will protest, but it does not seem like a new Golden Age. In the past, any new Creation that was brought forth on the earthly plane took much effort, and often pain, struggle and strife. That is still the mode of Creation in many parts of your world; however, it need not be so. We have told you that the Light is separating from the shadows, and it is almost as if two worlds were superimposed, one over the other. One world is filled with varying degrees of fear, hate, judgment, greed, and a desire to control and conquer the lands of the Earth, as well as a desire to dominate and subjugate the peoples of the Earth by whatever means thought necessary. The billions of beautiful young Souls who are caught in the maelstrom of this ever-accelerating chaos are the ones who suffer the most. That world is swiftly deteriorating, as a blanket of all the negative thought forms descends upon those lands and magnifies the vortexes of hate that have been created. Oh yes, there are vortexes of darkness, just as there are vortexes of Light, and the foretold Armageddon has surely arrived in those places.

The Wheel of Fortune

Isaac George - Jan 3rd, 2015

"Around and around she goes, and where she'll stop, nobody knows" ­ Carnival barker line.

Life is just full of surprises. One moment you can feel or believe you have it all figured out and the road ahead looks clear, the Sun is shining, and the skies are blue. Then suddenly, without warning, a bolt of lightning comes out of nowhere, throwing you to the ground and temporarily blinding you. You blink a few times, open your eyes, and the ground around you is blasted and smoking, and the skies have all been covered in dark, threatening clouds. The wind whistles and eddies around you, moaning and sighing. Slowly, you raise yourself up to survey the damage

The Elohim of the Great Central Sun: Renewal of the Higher Vision!

Yes, there have been ­ what you call delays ­ but they were not meant to obscure your spirit. In your disappointment about the delays you allowed yourself to be dis-encouraged and to lower your vibration. Inevitably you then limited your vision to the everyday appearances and things in the matrix. And so many of you added extra time to the delay.

We ask you to focus on your service to the light in all your endeavors, in all your actions ­ with all your heart! It is most important now to channel the Divine Powers of Light and to maintain them on your earth, to concentrate these Powers, to bring them forward in great clarity and intent.

2015: The Year of Living Fearlessly

"When you liberate yourself, you automatically liberate others." ~ David Starlight

What latent forces lie dormant within the human psyche and will 2015 see a portal being opened into LIMITLESS being, into living and embodying LOVE?As 2014 ebbs away, it's time to invite and welcome in the new energies of 2015.As we invite in these new AQUARIAN ENERGIES, I would like to share some key insights about the energies we have been experiencing.2014 has been tricky with much collective trauma and grief exposed.

- See more at: http://www.themastershift.com/2015-the-year-of-living-fearlessly/#sthash.lGHP4fyD.dpuf

You Got This

Melchizedek's Weekly Message ~ December 21 ­ 28, 2014

Any kind of confrontation, regardless where it is at is one the most difficult things to learn how to do. Regardless if your confrontation is amiable or hostile, you need to learn when not to confront someone. No matter what stage you are in life, you will find yourself facing many precarious predicaments where you will be given the opportunity to take the high road-where you allow a certain idea or an opinion drop in order to maintain self-respect, integrity and balance to your inner person. The question is dear ones, how do you know when it is time to step back and let things go instead of quarreling or demonstrating an obsession over your opinion?


















We live in a world where lemonade is made from artificial flavoring and furniture polish is made from real lemons

Alfred E. Neuman, MAD magazine

Mer-Ka-Ba... ...(Mer = light, Ka = spirit, ba = body)


The Christ Star


How to apply The Christ Star actively

Let go of limiting thought patterns

and create peace on earth!


This is the new Christ Symbol: A four-pointed light-crystal star, shining with white pearl-essence light, containing light colors of blue, turquoise purple and pink. The Christ Star is the energy symbol of Grace that is being given to all humans at this time.

The Christ Star's effect is the release of our archetypical, dualistic thought patterns that keep us from creating peace and harmony on Earth. These patterns have been entrenched in the collective human psyche from the morning of time. Now is the time to let go of them.

Click here for the full article and connection with Jeshuana'a site


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Poem: Daddy's Day

A Story: Ana and the Bird. A story to address the vibrational shift that you are experiencing ...from The Group

The Pledge of Resistance



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