My Dear Friends, About a month ago, I sent out a forward that was a video on Obama, at the time I made mention that I believed he was a walk-in. This tweaked one of my friends interest and she asked me to complete the information. For awhile I could not, as at the end of the day I was just to tired to connect with spirit and get the information needed. Finally, tonight spirit and I have been able to hook up. May this information be of some interest to you, please do pass it on. All I ask is that you accredit myself, Amaya and the wondrous group I have served and worked for, and with for over 20 years. Isaiah. From my Heart to Yours. Nameste' Amaya



AND HERE IT IS!!!                                                   



The channel has spoken, off the cuff. if you may, about the coming Elections. You know dear one's we have no opinion on how things should or should not go, all is in the hands of the creator, the creation, the creativity, and the higher way.


Before we go on, we must proceed with a basic lesson. All possibilities have already been created, experienced and ended. ALL POSSIBILITIES!!! For, everything must be experience, the suffering, the joy. The good, bad, ugly etc. So everything is already done. It is a matter in this case of several major issues. One, which way do you all need or want to go? How much power must the darkness continue to have over all things before you rise up and become one, together!


We have a very hard time with the word power, especially for all you New Agers, which by the way nothing, and we mean nothing at this point is New Age, all is ancient, always, ancient, and long standing. It is just time to remember, the New Age, as you call it, is not here yet. All this that each of you individually, and the collective is moving through, rocking and rolling, writhing over, is the destruction and turning of old crop and fields. The fallowing of the soil, if you will, all this is the preparation for the New Age.


An age that was only once at the beginning of the Great Breath in and out. A way that your small minds and fears have not allowed to be in millions of years.


And so, and so, the time is so close, the time is now, the time is over for all beings. The time of separation, forgetting that you are of the creator and the creation, and therefore the creativity of all creation, to come home to and bring back here the creator. The God/Goddess. The birthing, spawning, like the great and mighty salmon, no matter the way, the uphill battle, your gene's, your DNA coding, your will, desire, longing, and love, moves you back to where you were born, to reproduce again and again. The place you were born, love, to reproduce again and again, love. To create a myriad of illusions, struggles, enemies, and fear, century after century, to become BIG, to become FEARLESS, to become KNOWING AND SURE, TO REMEMBER!!!!


To till the soil, to fallow the ground, to bring the old ways back, from Atlantis, Lemuria, the earth people, the indigenous ones, the star beings, and the masters and evolved souls who choose to come here to this Great and Wondrous Place.


Some to burn to the ground all the old ways that no longer serve, many to turn the ashes into the soil to replenish it, many to weep over the lost children, those lost in battle, those lost to money, those lost in their own minds, those lost to despair and longing.To weep not only for what is, to weep and wail for what was, to heal the centuries, the ancestors, and all the children of God. And all have come to re-seed, and fertilize, and make sure that this crop is healthy and full of life, and life giving energy, so that all may flourish here, and on all planes.



It will take some time to heal the wounds of generations, on levels we cannot even speak of for they are so detailed and words will not even touch the profoundness of this time, and of the healing so occurring. And yes, the healing is occurring, THESE ARE THE END TIMES, THE WANING DAYS! THE TIMES OF BIRTH AND DEATH AND LOVE AND HATE AND OF ALL THINGS!!!!



You all are the creators of all of this, not as victims or powerful, but of being who thought out well each probability or possibility. And of course, you are governed by your HIGHER SELVES, which can get beyond the small mind, to the bigger picture. And you are also governed by the creator/creation. The God/Goddess. What we mean is that yes you all created all of this, right up to this very moment. Yet, intervention was always happening, nudging to a bigger space, moving, poking you all towards the realization of choice and options. And in many cases out and out intervention. For with each possibility comes hope, and prayer. And intercession when necessary.


And another easy lesson, the Law of Karma, Each Soul must learn every aspect of every experience on every level to complete. Intercession can occur when the lesson is learned internally, therefore the lesson externally is terminated, even if it is not fully played out.


Your longing is the longing for love. Period. And so as your longing heals, i.e. the belief that you are not loved. Love will intercede, i.e. your own hearts, and your great minds will bow humbled in front of this God/Goddess know as your heart. And ask permission to integrate with it, in this way, then you can tell us you are also the Great Creator. Until that happens for each of you individually, and then as a collective. You are NOT THE GREAT CREATOR INCARNATE! We do not mean to insult nor anger anyone, yet just like a young child, you would not call them an adult, would you?


Now the picture here is somewhat different, you are diamonds, each and everyone of you, therefore, there is aspects of your selves so complete and finished, that we and you weep with joy and humbleness when gazed upon, or watched in action. Yet, there are aspects of each of you that now will/can no longer be of the coal, or of the dark. It will not be allowed by the bigger agreement. And so the pressure is on to clean up these really imbalanced places, in both your hearts and minds. You are all "ADULTS,"  in that way of being able to be wise and evolved. Yet like children, you can be so unconscious.


And so all of this collective and individual darkness has been used by the all to force, open, bring you all to awareness, both on the surface and in yourselves. So many more reasons then these of course, yet if we went into it all, this would become a book, not just a dissertation.


Darkness you see is neither evil or negative, or the shadow. Darkness, is warmth, comfort, a place to rest, the cradle for light, the other half of self, and light, and the nurturer for all creation.


It is what you all have PUT INTO THE DARKNESS, what it has had to absorb, that has gotten it identified as BAD!!!!


George w. Bush, is not evil, he is a pawn for the darkness, to serve the light. Chaos may reign awhile longer, fear not this man behind the curtain. Puppet to ego, other man's ego, as well as his own. Puppet to God, to bring God's Children home. Puppet to Creation, and the NEW WAY. For in this powerful suppression of one's and alls rights, not just human rights, but the rights of all of creation to flourish, and conquest curiosity, and therefore create and re-create, again and again. New, and more complete and colorful expressions of human soul and the joy, colors, and great minds they carry. This puppet, in causing so much repression, repression you all believed you deserved, will now call for a HUGE SOUL, to come upon this place and make good, the fertile ground of Earth, Heaven, and HUMANKIND. For you are all so LOVED BY THAT WHICH HAS NO NAME, NO FACE, AND HAS KNOWN YOU WELL BEFORE YOUR PARENTS WERE BORN.


So back to the original thought, how metaphoric, for it was the original thought of all creation, to make this place so, and it will be the completion of this thought that will allow this place, and the individuals to rise up and make HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!


We hesitate to speak about obama, as the channel has, for we know not to get involved, and yet it has been insinuated, and so we shall go from here.


The one known as Clinton, is not a walk-in, she is an old soul, and old male soul from several wars, and part of the group of men whom created the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States of America. She has much wisdom, and much faith, and fearlessness, she knows how to play the game! Her unhappiness stems from having to suppress her own Love, in the relationship, and as a very warm and caring woman in this lifetime. Some of this from her childhood, she chose to become very aggressive in business, and to show them all that she could!! Some of this unhappiness is because she was not born a male in this lifetime, and therefore has had to fight for everything she has done. Hard one, this one is a troper. And of course the not being male is totally unknown to her.


Her love for justice and the American way is huge. She would make a great leader.


Obama is not of this place, he has been here before, yes! Yet, he is much more use to residing in the higher realms of what you would call heaven. He comes to this place filled with light and the wonder and understanding of God. He is a walk-in, having taken over this man's body at 12 years old, very young for a walk-in, yet with this man's history, necessary to survive the stress and rough waters of life.


His is a good man, a good being!!! He has the whole in his intention, the collective in his heart, and the love for humanity in his soul. He also will make a great leader. We cannot and will not tell you whom to vote for, or who will be best, that is to play out.


We ask you all to pray on this, and listen to your hearts! How airy-fairy, and we do not mean it at all this way. He will be a good teacher for all of you to really really listen, not to what spirit has to say, more so, what your hearts, your higher selves, your spirit, and your connection to, and your maturing God Self has to say.


It is your choice whether you vote or not, there are many schools of thought on that issue flying around. You can vote, or you can stay out of the social belief systems. We are not hinting anything here, it is how each of you think.


Now, do not forget, there is another man waiting patiently on the sidelines on the other side. So pray, pray for the next leader to be the one to turn things around, or at least help to finish the process of preparation for things to come to completion and for you all to bring heaven to earth. For you are the angels you have been waiting for.


You have the"power." and choice of all things, and how things can go. Pray for the highest good. Pray for the right outcome. And pray for yourselves and others, that you all will come into your own, and become, "THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE!" That you all will mature sufficiently to re-create, create what you want here on Earth.


To turn the Great Mother and her passengers around into another direction. For we said many years ago, that it would not be the government you should be fearing, pointing fingers at, blaming, or thinking will destroy this place. We told you all, that the Great Mother will be the one to contend with, equal to if not more so then the people's. So you each must come to know the earth, and love and respect it, and also to have a being in place whom can help, IF, THE EARTH takes over and cleans all of this up. That is all for now.


To re-cap, yes Obama is a walk-in, yes Clinton has been a powerful leader before. And yes they would not only make a great team. Each in their own right, will help this place tremendously. Until next time, many blessings to all of you. ISAIAH and AMAYA.





Amaya (Robin A. Velez)

The Amaya Center

Teacher ~ Healer ~ Guide

1925 Aspen Drive, Suite 702B

Santa Fe, NM 87505



'Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul,

And sings the tune without the words,

And never stops at all.' --Emily Dickinson


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